You want to see changes in your body. MGPTs #trainsmarter approach is all about hitting that sweet spot between workouts that are challenging enough to stimulate change, but not so hard you'll puke or get hurt. You're ready for workouts that respect your body, your budget, and your time.

Our most tailored service

Let's work on your specific needs and goals.

 Our coaches are experts in a variety of disciplines from Animal Flow to kettlebell, strength training to stretching.


In-studio, online, or with a friend. 

Good times, group rate, expert coaching

MGPT small group classes are both fun AND well-planned. Maximise your results with proper technique and effective programming. As we like to say, "C'est pas du random". Classes meet you at your level and progress from there.

You can take it from here

Tired of winging it and not getting the results you were hoping for? It's time for a new recipe. Tell us what equipment you have (or don't have), how often you want to work out and we'll design a custom program that you can do on your own. Come in for a refresh every six to eight weeks.

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