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Dear collegues, Thank you to all mineralogists for having visited us on our Stand of the minerals and gems scholarship of Ste Marie aux Mines 2017. (100.000 €) Sébastien Gagneux, geologist, mineral collector and regional representative for the Mineralogical Society of Haute-Vienne, was the recipient of the prize. He works for the DÉMESA – Association des amateurs de minéraux et objets naturalistes de Haute-Vienne. 2) The price for the Mineralogical Society of Haute-Vienne’s prize is 50.000 €. 3) The winner of the prize will be included in the package of the Mineralogical Society of Haute-Vienne 2018 and will be able to present the mineralogical discovery of his collections. 4) The winner will be able to present the mineralogical discovery of his collections to the audience of the Mineralogical Society of Haute-Vienne and the audience of the New Friends of the mineralogical nomenclature organization (NOMI) (a training course for people who want to be the promoters of the mineralogical nomenclature). 5) The mineralogical nomenclature: You can see the history of the mineralogical nomenclature and the practical tools of the work of nomenclature by visiting the Mineralogical nomenclature Website. 6) The mineralogical nomenclature organization: The Mineralogical nomenclature organization aims to support the interests and promote the use of nomenclature. This organization aims to accomplish all these goals in the field of minerals and stones. Contact: Mineralogical Nomenclature Organization NOMI is a non-profit organization. We received an annual budget of 20.000 € from the European Union, through our application as a non-profit organization. Founded in 1993, NOMI promotes, supports and works in the field of mineralogical nomenclature. Our mandate is to create an organized and exhaustive nomenclature that will remain up-to-date and of high quality. It is also to assist and contribute to all international mineralogical communities, so that in the long term, mineralogical nomenclature will be respected. NOMI has the status of a UNESCO Member




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