The Key to Progress: Best Post Workout Nutrition

You’re training hard. If you want to get stronger, leaner, and keep making progress, then your body needs to start the recovery process immediately post workout. Therefore, your best post workout option contains carbs and protein. The hard part is finding a healthy option without yucky ingredients.

Meet MaxSnax. I’ve collaborated with Cynthia of Cynergie Fait Maison to develop a post-workout protein bar exclusively for clients of MG Personal Training. Cynthia makes and packages each bar by hand with top-of-the-line ingredients and lots of love.

The Best Post Workout Snack Contains The Best Ingredients

Base recipe: oats, dates, raw honey, whey protein, roasted almonds, banana. Now in two flavours: espresso and coconut-lime. Each 50g bar contains 11g of protein and NO additives.

Here’s the best part: No fumbling for change! Simply pre-pay 10 bars grab a fresh one whenever you need a post-workout snack.


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