Surviving Summer

Tips for a healthy and fun-filled summer!

by Coach Mel

We’re already halfway through summer! It goes by so quickly! Habits can be picked up and changed quickly, too. Coach Mel has some tips for not falling too far astray while on holiday.


What can I say, it’s just so darn good. How about sticking with sorbet and taking the kiddie cone? When I go to Bilboquet with my daughters, I don’t even get my own cone anymore. I make sure they pick flavours I like (anything goes as long as it’s pink) and jump in when they “need help” because they cannot keep up with the melting speed.

Do you know what my downfall is? Iced coffee with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream but – I try to make it at home so I can be sure there is no added sugar in the coffee and the ice cream is low fat or high protein.

Clearly NOT the kiddie cone on the picture, but the poor girl has a busted lip so Mommy’s heart was feeling a little soft…


Instead of driving to work, have you tried biking? If you don’t own one, try the local bike share service? Here in Montreal you can pick up a bike down the street from your house and rent it just for your trip to the office. You can be sure that there is a drop off station pretty close wherever you go.


Oh yes, sooooo easy to fall into that one. The famous fancy Starbucks drinks? These Frappuccino Mocha Caramel Extra Whip Latte who knows what else creations which are full of sugar and a gazillion calories? (Does anyone remember the “Unicorn Latte”? I am still wondering if that thing glows in the dark)

Switch them for a cold brew or an iced almond milk latte. Or maybe an iced tea?


While we are talking about drinks, isn’t the nicest thing to go for an after-work cocktail, or just sitting outside on the deck, having a drink and enjoying the peace and quiet after the kids are in bed?

Needless to say, you don’t have to do that with a Strawberry Margherita – Try switching it for a Vodka Soda with some lime? Or a white wine Spritzer? Chances are you’ll have less of a sugar hangover the next day and biking to work won’t feel as hard. Alcohol-free beers are also a refreshing low-calorie option.


Rather than just hanging by the pool, why not actually swim a few laps? Or join a water gymnastics class? (Those things are no joke!! I thought I was in great shape and then I took an Aquapoussette class where my baby floated around in a little boat and I swam laps, tread water and lifted funny looking foamy weights. KILLER!!)


My husband starts the grill when it is warmer than minus 10 outside, but I am pretty sure not everyone feels that way, so don’t just throw on meat, add some vegetables and fruit. I personally really love grilled asparagus, portabella mushrooms, and pineapple. You can pass that off as dessert too. (The pineapple, not the asparagus!!!)

So with these tactics, you should be well equipped to enjoy the summer!

Do you have any more healthy summer hacks? I really want to hear them!!!



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