Strength Training, Mobility – Which Class Suits You?

Whether it’s strength training, mobility, breath work, metabolic conditioning, or high-intensity – there’s something for every body and every level at MG Personal Training.

  1. TOTAL BODY: a fun and challenging mix of mobility, strength training & metabolic conditioning.

  2. BASIC BODY: for all ages and levels.

  3. HiiT: High Intensity Interval Training. Short bursts at at high speed (45 mins).

  4. STRETCH & BREATHE: Mobility and breath work.

Questions? Call me or check out the FAQs at


MON 10:00 am TUE   7:15 pm WED  9:30 am THU  6:30 am FRI 9:15 am; HiiT

BASIC BODY: MON 1:00 pm WED 1:00 pm FRI 1:00 pm, Stretch&Breathe

Contact me for private sessions.

All Classes by RSVP  Space is limited, so reserve your spots!

Unlimited Class Access

The class schedule makes it easy to train twice a week, and add a HiiT or Stretch class on Fridays.

Therefore, if you plan on attending 2 or more times/week consider an unlimited class pack: $420 for unlimited access to all classes, which is valid for 2 months from purchase date.

For more rates and packages see the FAQ page at

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