MY FITNESS PLEDGE – Fitness Motivation for Busy Schedules

With Labour Day behind us it’s time for getting into routine. If you’re thinking about making fitness part of your life but aren’t sure how to fit it in, or you’re struggling with fitness motivation, simply start with this pledge…


I will carve out time for my workout and treat it as sacred. I won’t skip my workout or cut it short. I won’t apologize or atone for this time.

My workout is my ME time: my exercise, my meditation and my therapy. I’m doing it for my body and my mind. I will stay focused, stay in the moment, and concentrate on quality of movement.

I’m doing it for you, too. When I work out, you get the strongest, calmest, happiest, sexiest, version of me.

With practice, I’m getting stronger, faster, and more flexible all the time. That means the best shape of my life is still ahead of me.

Additional Fitness Motivation

If you still feel you need some help getting motivated, contact me and we can make a plan.

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