MOMS do it on PRINCIPLE – Why I’m Passionate About Training Moms

WHY am I so passionate about training moms?

Because moms give. All day. You give to your work, your family, your kids. And you actually DO have fewer hours in the day (and get ‘er done anyway, and then some). Because 6-8 am do not exist for you. Because 4-8 pm do not exist for you.

Because your kids can’t just order in, or grab a snack and wait for a late dinner. Nope, dinner has to be ready at a reasonable hour to get those kids to bed. And then they don’t go to bed. And all the stuff you saved up to do after they were down–you know, the stuff you might’ve been doing between 6-8 am and 4-8 pm–suddenly that stuff got pushed to 9:30 pm. And you sure as H-E-double-hockey sticks don’t feel like starting THEN. And that’s just weekdays. Don’t get me started on getting stuff done on weekends between birthday parties, soccer practice, and visits with the in-laws!

Carve That Time

I have a mom friend who says “I’m not good at carving out ME time.” You gotta do it. You’re actually 2/3 of the way there! Time exists. You exist. It’s just the “carving” part you’ve got to do. 😉

You don’t need me to tell you that investing an hour in your fitness pays off in spades. You already know that in addition to the primary benefits of simply getting stronger you’ll enjoy the secondary benefits of feeling less stressed, sleeping better, feeling sexier, reducing risk of disease and injury, and on and on.

You know all this and STILL have a hard time carving out the “ME” time. So here’s why you should: ON PRINCIPLE!

Refill the Tank

After giving all day, all week, it’s time to put something back in the tank. And I don’t mean wine! I mean Strength. Oxygen. Discipline. Routine. Results. That’s the stuff that’ll replenish you. ‘Cuz at 6 am tomorrow it’s time to start giving again.

Because training moms is so important to us, MG personal Training has classes at hours to suit mom life. And you’ll learn how to make the most of that hour. I love and respect you too much to waste your time! So come on in mom – find a class that suits your schedule and give back – TO YOURSELF!

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