MGPT Summer ’18 Bodyweight Program

We’ve created a program to help you keep up your fitness this summer. Here’s what you should know:

  1. Do anywhere: sand, grass, park, backyard, or cottage

  2. Do any time: choose your duration, from 7 to 60 minutes

  3. Do more: choose variations from hard to extra-hard

  4. Do-able by anyone: safe and fun for the fam to join in

  5. No equipment: seriously

  6. No excuses: true

If you’ve been coming to the studio you’ve likely already practised these moves. Plus we’ve included descriptions and photos. Or you could call, write, text, or FaceTime me. Still stuck? Most can be found on YouTube.

But what if it’s too hard for me?

Go at your own pace. Modify the intensity as needed. Where it says “one leg” use two. Practice and it will get better.

But what if my wrist/knee/hip doesn’t let me?

The warm up and Animal Flow are specifically designed to strengthen your joints in a safe position while connected to the ground.

But what if I just don’t feel like it?

Ah! Can’t help you there; you gotta do the work. Unless you’re motivated by prizes. Then we CAN help. Do the workout, photograph it, post it. and be entered to win. One entry for every Facebook or Instagram post that tags @maxinegrossmanPT.


Click here to get the MGPT Summer ’18 bodyweight program.


Studio is open all summer

The bodyweight program is designed to keep you moving while you are away; however, nothing can replace having a coach on hand to correct form and workout buddies to keep you motivated. The studio is open all summer so you can keep up your regular practice with Basic Body, Total Body, HiiT, and Dancer Body. Check the schedule regularly at Contact us for private sessions.

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