You’ve been on a fitness hiatus. That’s OK! Stuff happens. Life, career, kids, family obligations, injury, busy-ness happens. We get it. MGPT is here to help you get back into it.

PREP SCHOOL is a 1-month course to take you from fitness-hiatus to fitness ready.


Starting a new exercise regime can be daunting. At best, you might not know which exercises are efficient versus a waste of time, at worst you could get hurt.

In PREP SCHOOL you’ll learn…

  1. how to engage your core so movements are safe and stable;

  2. how to train efficiently, for the most results with the least amount of time spent exercising;

  3. how you can lose fat AND gain strength (yes, both!).


PREP SCHOOL consists of three fitness modules. Together these form the foundation of the moves you need in everyday life: how to properly pull, push, and lift heavy stuff (or small people) without injury… or asking for help.

MODULE 1: Bodyweight foundations (April 30)

MODULE 2: Kettlebell foundations (May 10) Effectively use the ONE piece of equipment you’ll need.

MODULE 3: Bringing it together (May 21) Layer posture, bodyweight and kettlebell training for exponential results.

EVALUATIONS: Demonstrate what you’ve learned (May 31)

On days 1, 10, and 20 we’ll introduce each module with a kick-off session (attendance mandatory). You must then come in for 3 workouts between kick-off sessions. Your PREP SCHOOL enrolment includes unlimited access to MGPT classes so you can practice in a welcoming, non-competitive environment.

On Day 31 the course will wrap up with an evaluation. This is your opportunity to show that you are ready for fitness classes anywhere. You must correctly perform all exercises demonstrating proper form.

Questions? Provide the best number to reach you and I’ll call you to chat. I'D LIKE MORE INFO


  1. One-on-one consultation to get to know you and your goals (30 mins, phone)

  2. A 1-hour workshop to kick off each of the three modules

  3. 30-day Unlimited Membership for access to all MGPT classes (value $124 +tx)

  4. Individual fitness assessment (value $90 +tx)

  5. Personalised coaching and corrections

  6. Maximum coach:client ratio of 1:8 in classes


  1. Your personal posture profile

  2. Email-support

  3. Customized homework

  4. Reduced fee for private sessions (during PREP SCHOOL duration)


Word is, some people are afraid to join MGPT classes. If I had a dollar for every time someone said to me, “I want to

Maybe… but probably not. Human history tells us that unless you’re about to do something radically different, the next six months will probably look a lot like the last. Are you ready to do something different???

The most efficient way to get ready to take fitness classes is to work with a trainer who can show you how to exercise safely and effectively. MGPT classes are hard, but they’re not too hard for you. Our programming is designed to be calibrated to clients at every level so that you can work at the intensity that is right for your body. Classes are hard to stimulate change, adaptation, and pushing you out of your comfort zone. These are the ingredients we bring you for results. Only you can add the magic baking powder: consistency.


It’s not for everybody. To train smarter you need to be ready to challenge your comfort zone and plan on a minimum of 2-3 workouts per week (including module kick-off sessions). This is why we are limiting enrolment to 12 participants.

PREP SCHOOL REQUIREMENTS √ Complete the readiness questionnaire √ No serious injuries / medical contraindications √ Attend all three module kick-off sessions √ Attend three classes between module kick-off sessions (total 9 classes) √ you may schedule up to 2 private sessions to make up a missed class. √ Attend evaluation wrap-up.



  1. Places limited to 12 participants

  2. Total fee of $225 +tx

  3. Early bird pricing for the first 4 participants: $199 +tx

Add-on options

  1. Private sessions at a reduced rate for participants ($60/hr vs. $75/hr, + tax)

  2. MaxSnax 10-pack ($47.50, tax in)

  3. Lacrosse ball, wrist bands and mini-band kit ($20, tax in)

STILL NOT SURE? Schedule a call for more info.


If you want to

  1. Learn to move from your core, outward

  2. Gain strength, gain confidence

  3. Move safely, avoid injury

  4. Get back into fitness after a hiatus, no matter how long

  5. Get back into exercise after baby, no matter how long

  6. Strengthen pelvic floor (just saying)

… then this course is right for you. PREP SCHOOL will give you the tools and knowledge you need to feel confident about exercising anywhere, independently or with a group.

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