Is your life as good as it looks? “Fakebook” vs. Living Your Best Life

My friend calls it Fakebook. She says people just post the “best of’s” and don’t paint a true picture of what’s really going on in their lives. So what? Don’t we all?

The problem isn’t in sharing the highlight reel… it’s in coveting other people’s highlights. If you’ve been making yourself sick over so-and-so’s tropical vacation with their perfectly-snot-free children, stop. Rest easy knowing their kids are just as crusty as yours.

It recently occurred to me that my life looks pretty good on Facebook, too. Cute kids, handsome husband, pretty red door, my own business doing what I love. Check!

However if a friend were to describe my life to me that way, my first instinct would be to undermine the illusion. “Yeah but you don’t know how it really is at our house. You wouldn’t believe how crusty it is behind that pretty red door.”

Then it dawned on me to turn this situation on it’s head. Rather than undermine my highlight reel by displaying all the edits tossed to the cutting room floor, why not embrace it? I might only make 10% of my photos visible above the surface, but that 10% is EVERY BIT AS REAL as the rest of my iceberg.

My resolution this year is to love and cherish my life, the way it appears to others on Facebook. I dare you to do the same.

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