I kinda hurt my back

I kinda hurt my back. Nothing serious; just enough to require a few days off of training. Argh. I hate that!!! The only thing I love more giving training sessions is doing my own workouts.

It was a case of silly + stubborn = injury. I attended a fitness class that I love and knew in the first minute that my back had a muscle spasm and I should turn around and walk away. Instead, I decided to “push through.” I just needed to warm up, right? Wrong. By the end of the hour I whimpered away. Guess my body is getting older but I’m still waiting on the wiser part to kick in!

It’s only been three days and I’m already almost all better, but that means TWO missed workouts! Writing this down helps me realize how NOT a big deal this is.

It’s also a reminder that I’m not in it for the day. Or for the week. I’m in it for the long game.

‘Fess up. Did you miss your workout this week?

Did you miss a whole month? A year (or two or three)? Last month was all about New Year’s Resolutions. Resolutions have their purpose, but their downside is that they insinuate that January is the only time to start something new. Bah Humbug. Any day is a perfect day to commit to something. And consistency isn’t measured in days… commit to the long game.

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