Hello. My name is Maxine. And it’s been 735 days since my last flake of cereal.

It’s true. It’s my new normal. Two years ago MGPT held a 30-day clean-up your diet challenge in January following the typical holiday booze/binge madness. Participants chose two or more things to cut out for a month, picking from dairy, sugar, gluten, alcohol, and screen time. Feeling up to the challenge at the time, I cut out all that stuff for the month of Jan, then reverted back to my “old normal”. Except for the cereal. No cereal just became my new normal.

Why? ‘Cuz I know that cereal is a slippery slope for me. One flake will quickly lead to a bowl a day. And not that there’s anything so devastatingly wrong with cereal… it’s just that there’s not much particularly right with it, either. I’d rather have a breakfast or snack with more nutrient density in order to support the hard work I put into my strength and fitness goals.

Making changes is not about being radical or sticking to a plan 110% of the time. I’m a huge believer in regularly partaking in treats, just because you feel like it. I’m not talking about binging, just talking about 90% sticking to the plan, 90% of the time.

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Deviating from a plan a little doesn’t make you a cheater or a quitter. It makes you NOT a religious zealot that no one wants to hang around with. Clients are usually thrilled to hear that I love ice cream and Miss Vickie’s. “Oh! You’re human!”, they say. Yup. And so are you. That means YOU ALREADY HAVE everything it takes to be as disciplined, as strong, as healthy… and as into chocolate as I am.

So instead of a making a drastic resolution, what small nudge towards a new normal will you take in 2019? Will you drop creamer from your coffee? (Gasp!). No more wine on school nights (Whaaa???). Training regularly for a whole year??? (Why not for a lifetime???)

At MGPT we want to help you stick to your goals. If you have nutrition questions speak to me or one of our coaches. Cristina is a Precision Nutrition L1 coach and Mel is a DTS Lean Body Coach. And if you’re ready to commit to the next 11 months at MGPT, we’ll give you your 12th month free. That way you can feel good about sticking to the plan 90% of the time. We’ll spread the savings of month 12 over your 11 payments so that saving at the gym is your new normal.

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