Get Lucky! How to make a REAL fitness resolution & get a free month of training

Happy ‘18, Everyone!!!

In Jewish tradition, 18 is good luck because the Hebrew characters for 18 also spell the word “LIFE.” This is why 18 is lucky, a blessing.

Kinda makes you feel lucky to have a whole year of ’18 stretching ahead of you, right? Enough to do something meaningful, yet too brief and precious to be frittered away. So what will you do with this gift of time? How will you spend it wisely? Ah, the question that launched a thousand New Year’s resolutions.

You going to decide again to make “ALL THE CHANGES”? Always a popular choice. But kinda bites off more than even the healthiest of appetites can chew (I should know).

How about, “FIX ALL THE FLAWS”? A classic, no doubt. But kinda discouraging. And what if those flaws turn out to be what make us human, and not flaws after all??? Hmmm.

We need a better way. Luckily, MGPT is here with the fitness resolution builder.


Fitness doesn’t happen by luck, but lucky number ‘18 is giving us the gift of TIME. Let’s make a fitness resolution to do it justice. You’ll need:

  1. 4 minutes

  2. pen & paper

  3. phone timer

Go get them… I’m waiting!

Ready? OK. Go fast, no editing, bullet points only.

Q1. In what ways is it COSTING YOU to not be as fit as you want to be? (90 seconds)

Q2. What will it UNLOCK FOR YOU to improve your health and fitness? (90 seconds)

Q3. How many times a week would someone need to work out to make this real? (30 seconds)

EXCELLENT! Now build your resolution:

“This year I will work out _(Q3)_ times/week. Then I won’t feel so _(Q1)_ all the time. And I’ll be more likely to finally succeed at _(Q2)_!”

By focusing on the action required (working out), with a measurable number, in a reasonable time frame, you are more likely to succeed than by focusing on an outcome (x pounds, y pull ups). Don’t worry, we will fill in the goals later!

OK, now go back and actually DO the exercise this time. The only thing you have to lose is 4 minutes!


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