Focus on the Journey – Healthier Habits Go a Long Way

We often say things like “I want to look like this, weigh that…” A change in physique is a potential outcome of exercise, and even then, it’s one that only happens many steps down the line. It’s like wanting to smell the broth before making the soup. You gotta peel the carrots and chop some onions first! Therefore, if changing your physique is the destination, focus on the journey and on healthier habits. A number on the scale is the outcome of many different variables, including diet and exercise… and also genetics and stress levels and hormones and lifestyle. You can’t necessarily control many of these factors, but you CAN control your behaviours and habits.

Create Healthier Habits

This summer instead of aiming for a specific body type or weight, focus instead on the steps along the way within your control that will get you headed in the right direction:

  1. What actions will you take this week to get stronger and more mobile?

  2. What changes can you make to improve your food and water intake?

  3. Which new habits can you adopt to reduce stress and improve sleep?

Focus on those steps and on taking care of yourself. As a result, you might find that the scale takes care of itself.

Not sure what steps to take next? Call me and we’ll make a plan.

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