Do You Meditate? Mindfulness and Exercise 

Me neither. I probably should, though. I’ll add it to the list. In the meantime, I consider my workouts a kind of meditation. For at least the time that I am exercising, I try to think of nothing else… to be present in the moment, focus on quality of movement, technique, mindfulness, and matching my breath to my effort.

I don’t let thoughts creep in of where else I “should” be, what else I “should” be doing. In that moment, I tell myself (and I even believe it!) that my workout is the most important thing I can be doing for the good of my health: body mind and soul.

My dad (or is it the Talmud?) used to say, “if your problems are weighing you down, try wearing shoes one size too small.” I say if your mind is wandering during your workout, try going 5 pounds heavier.

Flexibility, Breathing, Mindfulness – Stretch & Breathe

If you’d like more ideas on mindful workouts, try a Stretch and Breathe class.

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