Complete movement diet

Probably not, huh. However good for you fish is, you probably figure it would still be best to have a varied diet. And you would be right!

When it comes to working out, however, I often hear people say things like “I only do cardio.” or “Oh, I just run.” “Yoga’s my thing, so I stick to that.” “Spinning gives me a rush; I’m addicted!”.

No doubt that cardio, running, yoga, and spinning are all terrific forms of exercise. But as good as they are, sticking to just one doesn’t make for a complete movement diet.

Whatever your goals include — playing more of your favourite sport, keeping up with the kids, gaining strength, losing weight, preventing injury — they will be better served by a well-balanced movement diet.

A balanced movement diet is one that makes you work forward, backward, sideways and in rotation.

A balanced movement diet is one that works different tissues in your body, including your muscles, bones, joints, and heart. A balanced movement diet is one that challenges you to perform in different ways: quickly, slowly, powerfully, gracefully.

Think of your workout like a meal: choose the main course based on your primary objectives. Your appetizer, dessert, and sides will be chosen to round things out… what do you need to complete the picture?

At MGPT we believe in serving you up a balanced movement diet.

Our weekly schedule offers mobility with Stretch & Breathe, postural strength and grace with Dancer Body, heart-pumping fun with High-Intensity Interval Training, and strength basics with Basic Body. Last but not least, our signature course Total Body delivers strength training with weights, without weights (bodyweight training), joint stability and metabolic conditioning in one hour. Your membership gives you access to all our classes.

Even if you are active, there may be opportunities to broaden your palate and round out your fitness. Here’s what one active mom had to say after joining MGPT

The past month training with you has changed my life forever. The positive effects of working out have been so profound for me. Working out has brought healing to my body that years seeing osteopaths and massage therapists were not able to fix. I suffered from terrible shoulder pain that has now gone away. Amazing what building back muscles have done for me!

I am warmer out in the freezing cold when I used to get frostbite every day. I am sleeping better and I have better posture. I feel like I am using my body more efficiently. I am even noticing a greater ability to get deeper into my yoga practice because I am stronger.

So thank you so much Max for being such an amazing teacher and for providing such a nurturing and supportive space to work out. I can’t imagine not training with you now. I am hooked!

To talk about rounding out your movement diet, give us a call.

We can suggest which classes would be best suited to complement your current lifestyle and goals. Or better yet, come in for a free trial and see how you like it. Or just have another glass of bass! 😉

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