Are you a Smooth Operator? Work Slower to Become More Flexible, Stronger, And More Efficient

May is Ninja month at MG Personal Training. We’re practicing being slow, silent, and SMOOTH. Working slow’n’smooth can help reveal rough patches in your movement. Be aware of what your body is telling you: is one side easier to control than the other? Stronger? More flexible? Working out these kinks can help you bust through training plateaus and accomplish new gravity-defying feats.

Less sexy but more practical: It can also help you prevent injuries. Resolving asymmetries and strength discrepancies helps (re)teach your body to move efficiently and safely.

More Flexible, Stronger, and In Control? Or Is it Just An Illusion?

On the other hand, exercising too quickly is like a magic trick. Sure, you might impress the dads in the park by whipping off a quick cartwheel, but can you really control it? You might fool others with your sleight of hand, but in the end you’re only fooling yourself. That’s criminal.

More Flexible, stronger, and more efficient - Ryan Hurst demonstrates slow and smooth

Bodyweight Circuit Routine – VideoWatch Ryan Hurst–Head Ninja at GMB Fitness–demonstrate some of the moves we’ll be practicing at MG Personal Training.

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