9 Signs Your Body Needs a Nutrition Coach Right Now

By Coach Maddy, PN1

You eat almost 2000 pounds of food a year, on average.

2000 pounds!

Your body has nearly 100% efficiency, converting two-grand-pianos-worth of millions of calories and billions of chemical compounds to make hormones, trigger immune cells, switch genes on and off, build and repair tissues, and control energy balance.

Amazing, right?

Your body is smart. And so are you, because as an MGPT athlete, you know that good nutrition improves performance, health, and body composition.

Still, you might be wondering – what is “good nutrition”, exactly? What is the best diet? Is 2000 pounds too much? Am I eating the *correct* 2000 pounds? Could I get more out of the food that I’m eating? Could I feel/look/sleep/move/concentrate better? Could I live longer?

Good nutrition is what helps your body look, feel, and perform best. Since I coach and train alongside many of you, I know most of you already have a rough idea what that looks like. I also know that sometimes… you just need help making the good choices stick. Or maybe you have a hunch something isn’t optimal, and you need an expert to help you make small changes so you achieve your goals faster. You have questions.

This year I turned a passion for food, cooking, science, and nutrition into a Precision Nutrition certification, and I am SO EXCITED to help you, my MGPT family, to achieve your maximum potential through our MGPT Nutrition Coaching packages.

Here are 9 reasons you’ll want to book a 20-minute consultation call right away:

1. Your athletic training has reached a plateau.

You started this year with a big strength goal and you made progress for the first three months, but now your body has reached a stubborn plateau and you just can’t seem to see any gains. I can help you eat to increase strength, cardiovascular efficiency, endurance, and recovery. Book a consultation call now to tell me about your goals!

2. You want to lose that last five.

You’ve tried literally every diet including the crazy ones, and you just can’t seem to shed those pounds. And it *was* the last five, before you got that promotion, and the pandemic started, and your kids are home for summer holidays, and your in-laws moved in. It might now be closer to 15… or 30… or more? Don’t worry – ça va bien aller. I can help you make a plan to lose the weight and keep it off for good. Book a 20-minute consultation to get started.

3. You have digestive issues.

Poop. Everybody does. Do you, regularly? Gut health is key to overall well-being, and I can’t stress that enough. Your digestive system can impact hormone production, your metabolism, even your mood. An improperly functioning gut can result in nutrient deficiencies that can seriously interfere with your health and your goals. Not to mention the discomfort of having to run to the bathroom several times during your workout. A quick 20-minute consultation with me, and we’ll get the healing process started.

4. You think (or know) you have a food intolerance or allergy.

Lactose intolerance, wheat sensitivity – maybe it’s been diagnosed, or maybe you just have a gut feeling about it (heh). Either way, these things can prevent your body from properly absorbing nutrients, and can be very uncomfortable. Often, people with allergies or food intolerances are given instructions about what to AVOID eating, but they’re not sure what they SHOULD be eating instead. If you’re confused – or bloated, or gassy… or starving! – let me help you design a diet that leaves you feeling satisfied, healthy, and comfortable – book now!

5. You’re planning a pregnancy (or you are pregnant, or you are breastfeeding).

I’ve been where you’re at, mama! I know you want to give your baby, or your future baby, the best first steps when it comes to nutrition. I also know you don’t want to lose your pre-baby body, and you want (and need) to have enough energy to last through birth, late-night feedings, and the extra demands on your body as you provide nutrition for a new life. Nutrition coaching can support and augment your pre- and post-natal health care team. Tell me all about where you’re at by scheduling a 20 minute call today.

6. Life just got crazy.

New job, new home, kids struggling at school. Death. Divorce. Job loss. Chronic illness; new illness; a sick loved one. Heavy workload, too many responsibilities. A traumatic event. It feels like you just have nothing left in the tank. When life gets tough, it is normal to have to focus on the immediate present, and let everything else slide. But if you are not looking after yourself, it can make coping even harder. Let’s provide your body with the nourishment you need to keep supporting yourself and others at this time. Let me help you tackle the hard things with full strength – book a time to get in touch, I’m here for you.

7. Injuries aren’t healing.

Recovery is such an important part of exercise that you literally can’t make gains without it. And injuries make it very difficult to get the most out of any workout. They also get in the way of doing the things you love. Book a call with me today and we’ll tailor your diet to support recovery and healing.

8. You want to reduce (or remove) meat from your diet.

Some diet decisions are made for reasons other than nutrition. Perhaps you are interested in reducing your carbon footprint by eating less (or no) red meat. Or maybe you’ve chosen to become vegetarian for ethical reasons. Either way, these decisions can impact your nutrition, so care must be taken to avoid causing deficiencies. If you’d like some help making a plan, book a time and let’s discuss.

9. You’ve had some abnormal lab results.

Don’t panic – you might not need meds. Adjusting your diet can often have a dramatic effect on your blood profile. Sometimes, small changes can have big impacts – book a call and we can talk about your needs.

Great news: as a member of the MGPT family, you can use your MGPT credits to book either a spot in nutrition class or a private nutrition one-on-one with me to answer your specific nutrition questions. Use your Zenplanner account to book your spot in class now, or get in touch with me to plan your private session today.

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