30 Days of Whole Foods & Digital Diet

This holiday season I slowed down on exercise but my organs worked overtime on desserts and drinks! Time for a reset with 30 days of whole foods and clean eating. Who’s with me? Starting Jan 9 we’ll have more good stuff, less “iffy” stuff, and cut the bad stuff.

This is not a diet. Therefore, eat as much as you want, whenever you want. Load up on veggies, meat, fish, eggs, fruit, nuts, and healthy fats… in other words, foods that need no labels because they never saw the inside of package. DETAILS AND SIGN UP HERE!

Go on a Digital Diet Finally, since we’re giving our digestive tract a break, how about our brains? Take the next 30 days to be aware of how much screen time you consume.

Personalize your challenge! Here are 10 ways to reduce your digital dependency. PICK ONE TO COMMIT TO AND SIGN UP HERE!

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