2017 Summer Bodyweight Training Program

The MGPT 2017 BODYWEIGHT TRAINING SUMMER PROGRAM is a program you can do any time, anywhere, with no equipment required.

How to use the summer bodyweight training program

The program is divided into a warm-up and 4 circuits. Depending on how much time you have, you can choose a workout varying from 15-60 minutes. Do the warm-up plus 2 to 4 of any of the other sections. Vary which circuits you choose and the order in which you practice them.Difficulty:

Each circuit includes options for 1 or 2 chili peppers. Challenge yourself to go beyond your comfort zone, without compromising technique. Over the course of the summer, work your way up to harder progressions.


This program gives you lots of opportunities to try harder variations, to get faster, have fewer rests, and cover more distance, without compromising technique. The path to results is to keep challenging yourself a bit at a time.

How often should you work out?

Aim to work out a 3-5 times a week. Use this program alone or as a complement to your other summer activities. MG Personal Training studio will be open all summer, so mix it up by coming in for group classes or private training sessions!


Throughout all exercises try to brace your core and keep a tall posture. You’ll find additional notes in the last column. If you have any questions about the exercises or technique, contact me at 514-781-7899 or


Post a picture or video of yourself practicing this program to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #mgptsummer. Share it by by July 15th 2017 and be entered into a draw to win a grand prize from LOLË!

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